Transitions 101

New to transitions? Don't worry - several great resources have been put together in the last few years.

- Carleton University's 'Crash course on sustainability transitions' is an introductory reading list to prominent perspectives on sustainability transitions and a great first stop for an overview of the field. Carleton University compiled this reading list while they hosted the 10th IST in 2019. 

- The Network of Early career researchers in Sustainability Transitions (NEST), STRN's network of junior scholars, hosts an excellent 'Introduction to Transitions' webinar series, which has been used in university teaching.

- In 2020, STRN's 'Transitions in the Global South' thematic group hosted a webinar series on'Covid-19 and impacts on sustainability transitions in the Global South'. Each month, three speakers (from Southeast Asia, Latin America, and Africa) shared perspectives on themes such as the pandemic's impact on inequalities, or social innovations that have been sparked by changing circumstances due to the pandemic.

- The STRN thematic group on 'Geographies of Transition' hosts a series of webinars on questions relating to the spatial distribution of transitions.